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Rocco’s Lands an A- from Heidi Knapp Rinella

This week, Heidi Knapp Rinella tackles Rocco's N.Y. Italian Deli for the Las Vegas Business Press, deeming it worthy of an A- despite this comment:

“There was one fly in the ointment, however: the salad was based solely on iceberg, that Wonder Bread of lettuces,” which she follows with a rant on iceberg and why restaurants serve it.
She calls the ziti a “tour de force” and the fried ravioli “totally out of the league of bar-food fried (or "toasted") ravioli.” Still, the minus for the iceberg lettuce doesn’t dissuade her from giving the food here a B+, the atmosphere a B and the service an A.
“As I said, Rocco's isn't fancy; upon returning to the office, our boss asked, ‘Is that the place behind the gas station?’ But for a great, substantial and convivial lunch with co-workers, it's an inspired choice.”

· Unfancy but Fine [LV Business Press]

Photo by Roberta Thompson/

Rocco's N.Y. Italian Deli

1181 S. Buffalo Drive, Las Vegas, NV