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Tossing Dough

metro_pizza_class_by_beverly_poppe_03_t180.jpgLas Vegas Weekly food writer Brock Radke goes deep undercover at the monthly Metro Pizza class. “For $25 you get three hours of pizza history and instruction, unlimited beer or Chianti, and a cavalcade tasting. You’ll toss dough. You’ll share your first pizza memory. You’ll sample tomatoes and learn why Metro gets theirs exclusively from Stanislaus County in California. You’ll compare thin crust to thick, and discover why you should never put raw veggies on pizza before it goes in the oven. And the best part: you get to take home a simple, killer recipe.” [LVW]

Metro Pizza class [Photo: Beverly Poppe/Las Vegas Weekly]

Metro Pizza

1420 West Horizon Ridge Parkway, Henderson, NV 89012 702-458-4769