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Nobu Is So Fancy They Re-Designed Their Plywood

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Nobu now encroaches into Cleopatra Way more.
Nobu now encroaches into Cleopatra Way more.
[Photos: Bradley Martin]

As a restaurant grows, so does the plywood. News this month of Nobu Restaurant & Lounge delaying their opening at Caesars Palace until January also came with the update it will be increasing in size by an additional 1,500 square feet. The world's largest Nobu restaurant now stands at a grand total of 12,775 square feet. The original footprint was projected to sustain 327 seats.

The upgrade has generated new, larger construction plywood and their wall is now boldly encroaching into the resort's Cleopatra's Way corridor and temporarily inching the project closer to Old Homestead Steakhouse across the hallway. Behind this protective shield they are crafting an exterior composed of bowed columns of bamboo in the style of a traditional Japanese flower arranging basket.

Not content with adding more creativity-packed square-footage to a room filled with dining pods and leather-upholstered screens, they've even found time to re-design the plywood. The original white paint with irregular colored circles, has been inverted to a black background. With irregular colored circles. The Nobu logo has even been tweaked, dropping an image of a silhouetted chef armed with a blade.

The original plywood had been ceremoniously autographed by the Nobu Hospitality team of actor Robert De Niro, chef Nobu Matsuhisa, shareholder Meir Teper and Caesars Palace President Gary Selesner. They've protected that precious piece, framed it and it's still attached to the new blockades, preserving a stirring photo memento for hardcore Nobu fans.
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