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Spearmint Rhino Dancers Win $12.9 Million Lawsuit

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Maybe that topless dancer really is working her way through college. Topless dancers at Spearmint Rhino just settled a lawsuit with the club for $12.9 million. The dancers claimed, "They were denied all wages and benefits due them when they were wrongly classified as independent contractors."

The suit claims the dancers were treated like employees with a number of rules and faced fines when they didn't follow them. They even had to split tips with managers and employees, including doormen and DJs.

"The suit said the misclassification resulted in their being deprived of minimum wages and other benefits under state and federal law."

A similar suit pending in the Nevada Supreme Court was filed by topless dancers at Sapphire.
· Spearmint Rhino Settles Lawsuit by Dancers for $12.9 Million [Vegas Inc]
Spearmint Rhino [Photo:]

Spearmint Rhino

3340 S. Highland Drive, Las Vegas, NV

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