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SNHD Shuts Down Fremont Mediterranean Cafe; MORE

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Fremont Mediterranean Cafe in Neonopolis found itself shut down by the Southern Nevada Health District on Sept. 28 after a reinspection unveiled 18 demerits.

Inspectors found food unprotected from potential contamination, improperly washed kitchenware and food contact surfaces and an inadequate number of hand washing facilities.

SNHD originally inspected the restaurant on Sept. 20 and issued a C grade with 16 demerits.

The Bunkhouse Restaurant at 124 S. 11 St. narrowly escaped shut down after inspectors found 40 demerits during a routine inspection on Sept. 28. The restaurant didn't have hot and cold running water but did have spoiled food and food unprotected from potential contamination.

Several other restaurants also landed C grades during SNHD inspections. Rachel's Kitchen at 2265 Village Walk Dr. in Henderson landed 32 demerits on Sept. 27. SNHD inspectors found spoiled food, staff not washing their hands properly and food unprotected from potential contamination during the routine inspection.

Thai Room Restaurant at 3355 E. Tropicana Ave. landed 34 demerits during a routine inspection on Sept. 27. Inspectors found spoiled food, single use items reused and the restaurant was operating outside the parameters of a health permit.

Antojitos El Cejas at 1625 N. Lamb Blvd. landed 38 demerits Sept. 26 during a routine inspection. Staff didn't wash their hands properly, food was unprotected for potential contamination and the restaurant had an inadequate number of sinks.

Lee's Sandwiches at 3989 Spring Mountain Road faced a similar fate with 39 demerits during a routine inspection on Sept. 26. The restaurant had no hot and cold running water, operated outside the parameters of a health permit and didn't protect food from potential contamination.

SNHD routinely shuts down restaurants that receive more than 40 demerits. A restaurant has the option of requesting a reinspection before its next scheduled inspection.
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Fremont Mediterranean Cafe [Photo: Adriana E./Yelp]

Fremont Mediterranean Cafe

450 E. Fremont St., Las Vegas, NV