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3 Restaurants, Including Aquaknox, Shuttered by SNHD

Three restaurants found themselves shut down by the Southern Nevada Health District on Oct. 29 after routine inspections uncovered imminent health hazards, sky-high violations and repeat offenders.

The main kitchen at Aquaknox at the Venetian was shut down when inspectors found that sewage or waste water was not disposed of in an approved manner, an imminent health hazard that called for immediate closure.

Ellis Island Restaurant racked up an astounding 60 demerits during a routine inspection. Inspectors discovered imminently dangerous cross connection or backflow causing waste water and sewage to be disposed of improperly, spoiled food and potentially hazardous food improperly cooled.

Xtreme Sushi Kitchen at 8955 S. Eastern Ave. was shut down after a reinspection found 16 demerits. Potentially hazardous foods weren't stored or displayed at the proper temperatures, kitchenware and food contact surfaces were not cleaned properly and the restaurant had an inadequate number of hand washing facilities. SNHD initially inspected the restaurant on Oct. 4 and gave it 32 demerits.

The Southern Nevada Health District routinely shuts down restaurants that receive more than 40 demerits. Restaurants have the option of requesting a reinspection before its next scheduled inspection.
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