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Fermented Plans for a Fremont Street Brewer

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Growler alert. Banger Brewing is bringing grain silos, tasting taps and on-site beer production to Fremont Street's Neonopolis. The 6,772-square-foot brew pub will take over the ShoeZeum sneaker museum space next to the Heart Attack Grill.

Grabbing Downtown tourist attention will be a large replica grain silo, a 16-seat patio and a walk-up service window. Inside the Neonopolis' courtyard, a larger 600-square-feet patio has room for 40 more seats. Sixty interior tables face glass walls that separate the commercial side of the venture, from a fully functioning brewery.

Two brews under the Banger Brewery brand will be produced on-site. The brewing tanks, kettle, hopper and the bottling area fill most of the facility. Beers will be bottled and kegged in a rear room for local distribution and customers can belly up a 16-seat bar facing the walk-in storage cooler filled with even more kegs.

As many as eight different beers will be available via tasting taps, designated to offer samples for the curious. The Fremont walk-up window was created for the sale of growler bottles, but this won't be an all-night party location. The brewery is projected to close at midnight during the week and 1 a.m. on weekends.

Banger Brewing currently produces five different microbrews, including Sandia, a watermelon wheat and an IPA named A Hoppy Ending. The five-man company of Vegas locals began their small batch production runs in a suburban garage. This is their first retail property.

Banger Brewing has penciled a March 2013 opening date. Future expansion plans include more 40-gallon metal tanks and the addition of a functioning barley silo on the courtyard patio.
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Banger Brewing [Photo: Chelsea McManus]

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Banger Brewing

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