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Gordon Ramsay Still Creating a Ruckus at the Palace

Signage at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill is in place.
Signage at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill is in place.
[Photos: Bradley Martin]

Gordon Ramsay is racing to meet his double down challenge to premiere two Las Vegas restaurants in one month. Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill was penciled to open at Caesars Palace on Dec. 10, boldly followed by the arrival of his Flame Burger concept at Planet Hollywood Resort on Dec. 17. His self-created gastropub versus burger bar rivalry now extends to which venture will actually be ready to open on time.

With the clock ticking, to a passerby, construction on Ramsay's pub looks like any falter would endanger the promised finish date. Insider sources have already indicated to Eater Vegas that Flame Burger has pushed their soft opening back to Dec. 23, a leeway that would allow the gastropub to quietly slide its scheduled launch timetable. In a pre-emptive strike to nattering nabobs, Ramsay himself tweeted "We open in 2 weeks can't wait !" when queried via Twitter.

But visible evidence indicates that there is still some substantial work that needs to be completed at Caesars Palace. Flooring, large signs, the main bar and smaller projects such as the installation of TVs, are noticeably all works in progress.

A wall of mounted metal kegs is firmly in place, decorated with colorful stripes that will eventually be replicated as a painted design accent stretching from the entryway and though the back of the restaurant. The grill's logo, a silhouette of Ramsay's bulldog Rumpole, filled with the Union Jack, has been mounted one wall, but Ramsay has promised this mascot will be a prevalent visual in the restaurant.

Deviating from the original renderings are the gilded columns at the front entrance. Original plans replaced them with darker wood columns that toned down the usual Caesars flashy treatments. The extent of the current construction plywood demonstrates how far a new patio will push this 7,613-square-foot venture much further out onto the casino floor than the former Bradley Ogden space it replaced. A cast iron fence and bollards mimicking a London pub frontage will protect these new al fresco diners from casino lookie loos.

Currently missing from areas peek-able by the public are the iconic red telephone boxes and walls covered with huge photographic images of London that will leave guests in no doubt of chef Ramsay's country of origin.
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Gordon Ramsay Burger

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