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Gordon Ramsay Cools on Flame Burger and Opening Day?

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Undulating ceiling desing at Flame Burger.
Undulating ceiling desing at Flame Burger.
[Photos: Bradley Martin]

'Av a butchers at Gordon Ramsay's first tease from his design flip on the usual burger bar. Flame Burger at Planet Hollywood Resort urgently strides toward a December opening, but the new undulating ceiling is the only visible sign the restaurant will open according to schedule. And insider info suggests there is still much work to be done.

Competing against himself, the cheeky chappie chef intended to open Flame Burger on Dec. 17, one week after the launch of his very own Caesars Palace gastropub, Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill. But Planet Hollywood insiders have been informed to expect a Dec. 23 soft opening. And their review of the construction progress indicated the delay is well founded.

Visible from the casino floor, behind stalwart plywood blockades, swatches of uneven plaster, un-painted walls and unfinished flooring. The arresting, irregular wave ceiling design does appear finished and effortlessly attracts attention.

While construction delays are commonplace, more surprising is the inability of Ramsay and crew to pull the trigger on the final name of the venture. While Eater Vegas first revealed the Flame Burger name back in September, Gordon Ramsay BURGR has entered the picture as a possible dark horse name switcheroo. Insiders closely connected to the restaurant have been informed of the current ambiguity. Initial plans for the burger joint also included a number of ornate Flame Burger signs and the motif extended to a "flame-effect wall," constructed with cool-to-touch tempered glass emulating an open fire.

The 5,660-square-foot restaurant will be prominently located near the north Strip-side entrance, its visibility catapulting Gordon Ramsay into the defacto publicity icon of the Planet Hollywood Resort.
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