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Beer Cicerone Russell Gardner on Hangover Remedies

Welcome to the Hangover Happy Hour, a full hour of looking at how to cure a night of drinking in excess. Eater Vegas enlisted the help of Las Vegas' finest bartenders and other professional drinkers to find out their tried and true cures for a hangover. Have one of your own? The tipline is open.

Russel%20Public%20House_1000%2011-28-12.jpgRussell Gardner [Photo: Chelsea McManus]

Russell Gardner sure knows a lot about beer. As one of the few cicerones in the world, Gardner can fill guests in on the 200-plus beers at Public House at the Venetian or tell them which beer goes best with their dinner. Here he shares some of his cures for a hangover.

1. Have another beer — a good coffee porter or espresso stout for breakfast. Made with coffee you will get you fix of the caffeine you need and the alcohol will help the headache. It will help that it doesn't taste like a normal beer so it shouldn't upset your stomach.

2. This works for multi-day beer fests such as the Great American Beer Festival and many others. Roll out of bed at noonish, get the largest unsweetened coffee you can find. Now find pancakes, a big stack with lots of syrup. The unsweetened coffee will jolt your system back up without upsetting your stomach. And then the pancakes will get you ready for the day, and more beer. The syrup on the hot cakes is the sweet your body wants. It works. I've used that one for many multi-day events.

3. Also drink water at the event you'll be outside and even if it doesn't feel hot you still need to drink water. 
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Public House

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Public House

3355 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV