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Take a Peek Inside the Canary Yellow Digs at Denny's

The bar sits at the front of Denny's.
The bar sits at the front of Denny's.

[Photos: Denny's]

Behold the flagship Denny's in Neonopolis. The so-called Diner of the Future. The supper club. The wedding chapel. The photo booth. The full bar.

All sit inside this 6,400-square foot canary yellow diner, designed to represent a tie between restaurant's past as the original place for social networking and its future. That web of canary yellow that binds it together creates new branding for the chain, which has 28 in Vegas and six on the Strip.

And while Grand Slams and diner fare such as meatballs, meatloaf, pot roast, spaghetti and pot pies make the menu, other treats such as an Elvis shake and peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich give it a definite Vegas flair.

Everything is ready to go except the wedding chapel, which plans to debut in time for Valentine's Day. In its space, booths with wedding-inspired images right to the left of the hostess stand.

Take a look inside.
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