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Vital Updates on The Tilted Kilt's Plaid Bra Plans

Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery
Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery
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Early news on the other sports bar restaurant chain featuring mid-riff bearing, plaid bra wearing, calendar modelling waitstaff coming to the Strip has come to light. Flatteringly similar to Twin Peaks, scheduled to open at Harmon Corner in early 2013, the Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery will open at The Linq later in the year.

While Twin Peaks' first foray into Las Vegas encouraged them to break their mold and add a 39-feet high rock climbing wall, the Tilted Kilt opts for safe familiarity. Following the franchise owners manual, the approximately 6,142-square-foot venture is tweaking the details on a two story restaurant and sports bar, but not forgetting to add numerous pieces of design "flair."

The Tilted Kilt began as a 2003 Las Vegas concept at the Rio. While the Las Vegas concern was shuttered, elsewhere the chain thrived and comprises 70 locations. The breastaurant chain was created by Mark DiMartino, who just opened Pizza Buddha in Henderson.

For their return to Las Vegas, the focus is split between a brimful main dining area with room for 109 and an equal number can congregate around the bar area. A long "Captain's Table," for side by side seating, breaks up the space. Pub architecture built from "classic mahogany" and "antique Cherry" woods will butt heads against orange paintwork, green walls and flair artwork including "spontaneous " pieces mounted on the ceiling.

Wall hangings, music and sports memorabilia, pub mirrors and a mish-mash of "interest" pieces will be everywhere. These "random" knick-knacks are provided from an approved vendor's inventory. Tilted Kilt's original Celtic theme has expanded to cross country borders and flags from Scotland, Ireland, England and the United States will hang from the ceiling. "Bawdy" limericks will be stenciled on the walls and a minimum of nine jaunty sayings is required at every Tilted Kilt location.

Currently, little room has been allocated for an expanded game area and a DJ booth is also a future possibility. A video wall will join many mounted TVs. Twin Peaks has already announced an overloaded plan of 87 TV screens at their location.

And similar to Twin Peaks, the Tilt Kilt's second floor has an open section that will look down onto the lower level. Not owning a climbing wall to view, the Tilted Kilt spies down onto the bar area and there's room for 45 seats surrounding this open area.

Waitstaff, called Kilt Girls, wear their infamous plaid bras and short skirts. The Twin Peaks girls substitute with khaki shorts. Both chains feature their employees in calendars and merchandise, an important revenue stream for both companies. A prominent merchandise stand will be available behind the Tilted Kilt's hostess station upon entry, including their "Full Bodied Ales" logo wear.
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The Linq

3555 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV