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Vince Neil to Take Walk on Wildside to Hooters

Mötley Crüe front-man Vince Neil made a surprise announcement via Twitter he will be opening Wildside Saloon, a "Rock and Roll sports bar" at Hooters. Fans have only 30 days to wait before the party starts. As Neil helpfully explained, "Hooters, Rock and Sports! What more do you want!!!!"

It's been an up and down year of commerce for the rocker. This summer saw the opening of his Vince Neil's Girls Girls Girls strip club and the destruction of his tattoo parlor, Vince Neil Ink, that disappeared in the wake of O'Shea's April closure and subsequent destruction. Vince Neil's Tatuado Restaurant & Cantina continues to serve up margaritas and tequila at LVH.
· Vince Neil [Twitter]
Vince Neil [Photo: Twitter]

Wildside Saloon

115 E. Tropicana Av.e, Las Vegas, NV