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Combat SantaCon With Eater's 'No Drunk Santas' Signs

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The annual nuisance known as SantaCon is less than two days away. This Saturday, thousands of Las Vegans and tourists will don cheap Santa Claus suits, get totally obliterated on beer and schnapps, and wander the streets looking for other costumed buffoons to cavort with. If you go outside at any time on Saturday, you will probably see at least a few of these jokers disturbing the peace.

To help protect the restaurant and bar owners of this city — and their customers — Eater has created these three signs.


No Santas: Go Back to the North Pole
Drunk Santas Not Welcome
We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to Drunk Santas

Just download one of these signs, print it out, tape it to the window of your restaurants, and BOOM — no drunk Santas on Saturday. Consider this an early Christmas gift from your good friends at Eater.

And if you see any of these signs hanging in the window of your favorite restaurant, snap a picture and send it to or tweet @EaterVegas. We may publish a gallery on Monday.