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Landshark Lagoon To Host The Delano's Ushuaia-ish Beach Club

The Landshark Lagoon will be transformed into a beach club.
The Landshark Lagoon will be transformed into a beach club.

[Photos: Bradley Martin]

It may prove to be everything Bagatelle wished it could have been. The first word on the Mandalay Bay Beach Club development indicates a European and Moorish influence, an arched replica of Ushuaia's nightclub stage and room for 2,182 revelers round the former Landshark Lagoon pool.

Currently referred to as the Mandalay Bay Beach Club, the concept has evolved over the last few months increasing the footprint further than the current pool area to create approximately 60,000 square feet of club space. This venture is part of a property-wide upgrade and the re-branding of THEhotel into The Delano. The pool is furthest from future home of The Delano hotel property. The Beach Club will be adjacent to the Mandalay Bay parking lot and the entrance to the Shark Reef exhibit.

The vaguely kidney-shaped pool will be surrounded by 23 new luxury cabanas each with ceiling fans, TVs and individual sound systems. Low, black weave day beds with cream furnishings are available to other guests. At one end sits a long bar with ornate design accents facing the main attraction on the other side of the club. An enormous arched, elevated DJ stage with a huge lighting rig and dozens of hanging LED screen panels sits behind the deejay. The stage is an exact visual copy of the Ushuaia nightclub in Ibiza, long rumored to be the partner in creating this beach club.

A complex video system will allow cabana guests to watch performers via live video streams to multiple TVs. The audio and video component is being created by John Lyons Systems, a much vaunted club designer, who created the setup for Florida's Delano Hotel Beach Club.

TVs at the bars will be mounted in decorative picture frames. Plentiful audio speakers dot the facility and include a sub-bass hidden in the furniture within the cabanas.

A Moorish design theme dominates — stucco finish walls, arches and highly ornate, decorative metal gates, fences and grille accents. Much thought has been put into the tiling and paving.

Food and beverage will be a major factor and provisions are already in place for serving sushi, panini and frozen drinks. Two additional bars will be situated on either side of the club. The symmetrical design extends to two bungalows flanking the stage, each containing a spa.

A surprising amount of attention has been given to the foliage. Landscape planters, vines and creeping fig shrubs are abundant. Date and Canary Island palm trees will be planted to help shut out the outside world.
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