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Eddie D's Famous Italian Sandwiches Lands a B+ in the RJ

Eddie D's Famous Italian Sandwiches
Eddie D's Famous Italian Sandwiches
Photo: Yelp

In the world of Vegas dining, apparently readers are dying to know how the meatballs are at Eddie D's Famous Italian Sandwiches. Intrepid Heidi Knapp Rinella braves the mean streets of Vegas to sample the fare at this sandwich shop in the Southwest in her weekly restaurant review in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“Eddie D's Famous Italian Sandwiches, though, meets all of the many meatball quality-control criteria. After tasting one, I wanted a sandwich of them, and that's what I had ($6.99), Parmigian-style (plus $1.50) with provolone and Parmesan cheese and plenty of a soulful, long-simmered marinara.”

She gives the food a B, the atmosphere a B and the service an A to come up with her B+ for the sandwich shop. Other recent B+ restaurants include Boulder Pit Stop and Baja California Restaurant & Cantina.

Max Jacobson discovers that Memphis Championship BBQ serves breakfast now: “The restaurant smokes its own bacon, serves great buttermilk biscuits and johnnycakes (thin cornmeal pancakes), and even makes a pulled pork and egg dish.” [VS]

Jacobson also checks out the lobster dishes at Lobster ME: “One thing that makes the lobster roll soar is a delicious brioche bun sourced locally from a Vietnamese-owned bakery, Elysee. The meat is seasoned with celery salt and the claw meat is properly on top.” [UnicaWorld]

Al Mancini checks out one of the few if only Peruvian restaurants in town, Mi Peru South American Grill: “While some of the preparations are a bit on the boring side, others are extremely good. And the truth is, you simply aren't going to find a lot of these dishes elsewhere in town.” [CL]

Brock Radke encourages locals to venture to the Strip for the dishes at Mastro’s Ocean Club: “The seafood selection is unparalleled, starting with every variety of delectable, chilled shellfish imaginable.” Skip the steaks and “save the indulgence for side dishes big enough for four, like lobster mashed potatoes ($38), gorgonzola mac and cheese ($10) and Alaskan king crab black truffle gnocchi ($29).” [LVW]

Jim Begley explores the world of bivalves, just in time for Valentine’s Day:“ Stack the deck in your favor by plying your date with oysters, historically reputed as an aphrodisiac due to their high zinc content.” He takes diners on a tour of the oysters at Bouchon at the Venetian, Lakeside at Wynn Las Vegas and locals’ fave Oyster Bar at Palace Station. [LVW]

Things John Curtas hates: cupcakes, country music, people who are intolerant of other cultures, the Dutch, the novels of Jane Austen, men who wear shorts in public, reality TV, Rachel’s Kitchen. Or a better description, “when anyone with a sixth grade education knows everything is purchased from U.S. Foods or Sysco — and is packaged in such a way to get secretaries, soccer moms, hipsters and the biker crowd to mindlessly pay for pre-packaged dreck because they think they’re eating 'light' and 'healthy.'” [Eating Las Vegas]

It took Vegas Chatter three Saturdays to get a reservation at Oscar’s Beef, Booze and Babes: “She doesn't break into our top five pieces of Vegas beef, but ranks herself well above our Vegas worst,” they say about Sally's 12-ounce New York Strip. [VC]

Eddie D's Famous Italian Sandwiches

6870 S. Rainbow Blvd., Las Vegas, NV