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A B for English's; Odd Food at Royal Cuisine

English's at Town Square
English's at Town Square
Photo: English's/Facebook

Las Vegas Review-Journal food critic Heidi Knapp Rinella ventured down to English’s at Town Square, a restaurant that “bills itself as a gastropub and in some ways it fits the profile — for instance the fairly young clientele and deft use of social media.”

She went with the “quintessentially British” side of the menu and found pub fare instead of gastropub fare with the three items she tried.

“Not that there's anything wrong with that, as they say, because it was well prepared. Cod and chips ($13.95) had large fillets of fish, coated in a beer batter that actually tasted of beer (that's a good thing), the coating golden and crisp, the interior moist and sweet.”

She describes the Cornish pasty as good “but a bit of a snoozer (as opposed to a sleeper),” kind of like the column.

She gave the food a B, the atmosphere a B+, the service a B- (without explanation because she says the server was good but the kitchen was “a bit slow.”) and the restaurant an overall B.

Al Mancini takes a look at the kabob factory Royal Cuisine: “Taken as a whole, the menu is overwhelmingly Armenian, with a handful of Russian, Georgian and even Afghani items. The fact that none of those nations borders the Mediterranean Sea makes you wonder why the restaurant calls itself ‘Mediterranean.’” [CL]

John Curtas swings through former Mayor Oscar Goodman’s eponymous joint at the Plaza: “Fans who ‘love Oscar’ because he’s a loveable buffoon — who’s as easy to like as a well-stocked happy hour — are now being asked to spend money on food with his brand on it, and it’s going to be a tougher sell. As tough as the steak we had there, in fact. So tough that we’re betting you will agree that, as a restaurateur, Oscar Goodman makes a great politician.” But the ending pretty much says it all: “Our dinner for two with a single glass of wine and two desserts came to $153. Ron’s in Arizona Charlie’s was twice as satisfying at half the price.” [ELV]

John Curtas takes a first look at the new ramen noodle joint on Spring Mountain Road, Ramen Sora: “Like the intensely-flavored ramen, these delectable doughboys haven’t escaped the notice of Japanese- and Asian-Americans, who have already made this place a tough table at lunchtime.” [ELV]


6599 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV