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Chicago's The Aviary Eyes a Move to Vegas

The Aviary in Chicago.
The Aviary in Chicago.
Photo: Concierge

Looks like Vegas could become one of the next stops for chef Grant Achatz and his business partner Nick Kokonas. Eater National reports the duo is “actively exploring bringing their progressive Chicago cocktail bar The Aviary to several cities around the world.”

According to Grub Street, the duo is "aggressively pursuing" a New York City location for the bar, but they've also got their eyes on Miami or South Beach, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Singapore and Las Vegas. Whichever locale opens first would be the duo’s initial project outside Chicago.

The team also runs Chicago restaurants Alinea and Next, have previously mentioned that the only concept they can reliably reproduce is the cocktail bar.

Eater National got this quote from Kokonas:

“For the first time ever we are really excited about the possibility of bringing one of our concepts to another location. We have been offered deals all over the place for Alinea — and even a few for Next — but that is against the spirit and requirements of those places. The Aviary is more adaptable to different locales. I can imagine the one in L.A. being very different from the one in NYC or Shanghai or Vegas, and each being true to themselves. Another Alinea serves no purpose — that is the flagship. Another Aviary gives us a chance to explore.”

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