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Food Trucks, Restaurants Battle Over Turf Downtown

Snow Ono Shave Ice
Snow Ono Shave Ice
Photo: Snow Ono Shave Ice

One thousand, three hundred feet. If restaurant owners have their way, that’s the distance food trucks would need to park away from a dining establishment.

Vegas restaurant owners and food trucks are going head-to-head with the planning commission about a buffer zone for these pop-up festivals. “The issue passed through Tuesday night's planning commission, but it will ultimately be up to Las Vegas City Council to decide.”

Restaurants such as Mamita's Mexican and Cuban restaurant say the food trucks steal their business when they set up show nearby. "If they would come when it's not busy then it'd be different, but they come when it's real busy. We wait until the weekend. That's when we make our money," added Maria Calvino.

Food truck owners just want to ensure that the fight is fair. "If a food truck comes around for four hours out of one day and that's killing your business, then you need to take a look a look at what you're doing," said Jon Yoffee, owner of Snow Ono Shave Ice.
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