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If You Can Find It, I-naba Is Open

Phone: 702-220-6060
Status: Opened Tuesday
John Curtas discovered this Japanese soba noodle restaurant tucked away on the back side of a Smith's shopping center on the northeast corner of Decatur Boulevard and Desert Inn Road. Outside, a sign for the former restaurant and a sandwich board with Japanese Soba Noodles written on it announces the restaurant. Find it, and you've discovered I-naba.

Curtas says the soba there “taste of buckwheat and have just the proper bite to them.”

He also tried the zuke tororo, a marinated, raw tuna; the battera, a marinated mackerel on sushi rice; and the satsuma-age, lightly fried fish cakes with ginger and says found “every bite as haunting and delicate as Japanese food can be.”

The restaurant is a sister to the I-naba in Torrance, Calif.
· I-NABA = Soba-licious [ELV]
The Japanese Soba Noodle sign outside of I-naba. [Photo: John Curtas/Eating Las Vegas]


3210 S. Decatur Blvd., Las Vegas, NV