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Curtas Goes Off on 'Our Journalistic Backwater'

Food critic John Curtas stopped by Prime Steakhouse at the Bellagio on a Monday night to see how the restaurant does on a slower night.

“[T]hey trotted out some New Zealand grass-fed, Wagyu beef that was a revelation as well — with a bright, beefy essence we had not come across in any  grass-fed steak before. It was clean and fresh and a tad chewy (as compared to the tenderness of corn-finished steer) but no worse for it.”

Curtas also manages to talk about the “tawdry state of our local food journalism” where “these entreaties fall on deaf ears in our journalistic backwater, since all the editors and publishers will pay for (if they pay for expenses at all) is a single visit, from which the critic and writer is supposed to critique and rate the restaurant.”
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