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A Look Inside Kabuki Japanese Restaurant

The sushi bar
The sushi bar

[Photos: Chelsea McManus]

Kabuki Japanese Restaurant opened yesterday at Tivoli Village, so it’s time to take a look inside the restaurant. Walk in to find the main dining room to the right with a sushi bar with seating on two sides. To the left, a small bar with bottles of sake lining the shelves. Master Sake Sommelier Yuji Matsumoto, currently one-of-two Master Samurai Sake Sommeliers in North America, put together the list at Kabuki.

But the highlight has to be the indoor/outdoor patio. Eight tables pepper the area near the doors that open wide, and another seven lining the wall with booths on one side and chairs on the other. Heaters from above ward off the chill without distributing the warmth only on one side.
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