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Time is Running Out to Nominate an Eater Young Gun

eater-young-guns-2012.pngOur first annual roll call of the next guard, Eater Young Guns, has gotten off to quite the start, and by 5 PM today when the public nomination process comes to a close we will have over 2,000 names of the industry's future stars. If you haven't yet nominated the young gun in your life, do it NOW.

For those just joining us, Young Guns aims to identify the most promising up-and-comers in the restaurant and nightlife world, whether they're working as chefs or line cooks, sommeliers or bartenders, restaurateurs or maître d's. The criteria are simple. Nominees must be under 30 years of age (or have worked in their chosen field for less than five years) and must be currently employed in the hospitality industry in the United States. They must show extraordinary promise. To identify this talent, we opened the nomination process to everyone.

Over the next few weeks, Eater editors will go through the list, culling down duplicates and nominees that are far too famous to be considered for this contest. Then we will present the names to our deliberation committee, which includes luminaries going by the names of Andrés, Barber, Batali, and Boulud, who will narrow the list down to the truly worthy. To keep things as transparent as possible, the entire process will be presented in full view in this space. Come June, our final group of rising stars will have their public debut at a boozy gala event.

Thanks for participating. We're just getting started.
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