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Du-Par's Back Open After Health Code Violations

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Du-Par’s Restaurant and Bakery
Du-Par’s Restaurant and Bakery
Photo: Mary B./Yelp

Quick update on Du-Par’s Restaurant & Bakery Kitchen at the Golden Gate, shuttered last week after receiving 62 demerits during a routine inspection by the Southern Nevada Health District. A re-inspection the following day by SNHD found only 10 demerits and the restaurant was upgraded to an A. Guess that means you can indulge in their pancakes at will now.

Most interesting? The response on the travel boards about news of the closing. “Oh no I hope its open when I go in April, I so want some yummy pancakes!” one message read.
· Du-Par's Shuttered for Health Code Violations [~ELV~]

Du-Par’s Restaurant & Bakery Kitchen

1 Fremont St., Las Vegas, NV