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A Look Inside the 50 Best Meals from LV Weekly

The staff of Las Vegas Weekly with some celebs thrown in for good measure picked out 50 meals that everyone should eat, a sort of best of Las Vegas list without the lame reader votes. (See: the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Best of Las Vegas.) Historical, oddball, well-known restaurants all have dishes featured. Here’s a look at 10 that deserve your attention:

1. “Dry-aging is rightfully all the rage, but 60 days is for wusses. Carnevino does it the right way with the riserva—minimum 240-day dry-aged steaks.”

2. “Luv-It’s rotation of custards changes daily and is outlined two months in advance on the website. You need no advance notice, however, for the Western.”

3. “If you crave Roberto’s or Taco Bell after a long Friday or Saturday night, the chilaquiles beg you to reconsider” at Border Grill.

4. “Odds are, when you hear the words “vegan” and “donut” in the same sentence, the first word that comes to mind is not “yum” at Ronald’s Donuts

5. Regarding the chicken fried lobster at Binion’s Ranch Steak House: “This dish was originally created for the rodeo cowboys, and for a long time it wasn’t even on Binion’s menu.? This baby, a large piece of lobster tail, breaded and fried, can hold its own with any steak or prime rib in the place.”

6. “At the Parma Chef’s Table, Chef Marc serves four courses of expertly prepared Italian offerings using whatever ingredients are freshest that evening, presenting and explaining each dish tableside.” At Chef Marc’s Pastavino & Deli.

7. “It’s tough to say why this Hawaiian favorite is so damn good, but oxtail soup doesn’t discriminate. The meat is ridiculously tender, and the broth could drive someone to inflict bodily harm. I mean it, I would stab someone with a plastic spoon for a bowl of this soup.” At Market Street Cafe at the California.

8. Regarding the foie gras custard ‘brûlée’ at Sage at Aria: “The dish that put chef Shawn McLain on the Vegas culinary map is an amalgam of sweet and savory, while the addictively salted brioche alongside serves as a perfect foil for its richness. This is foie gras for those unwilling to try foie gras.”

9. The prime rib at Bob Taylor’s Original Ranch House: “Virtually unchanged since 1955, the Ranch House is a portal to the real Wild West days of Vegas, when everybody took a dusty trail north to get the best steak in town.”

10. “Atop a menu strewn with wonderful brunch options sit Babystacks’ red velvet pancakes. Harkening to the dessert favorite, they’re dressed with housemade whipped cream and chocolate crumbles, served alongside cream-cheese syrup.”
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