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Adam Richman Launches the World Food Championships in Vegas in November

Adam Richman
Adam Richman
Photo: World Food Championships

Vegas just scored another major food event. Come November, the Travel Channel’s Adam Richman plans to host the inaugural World Food Championships. Imagine seven different food categories squaring off for the title of supremacy during a four-day food festival Nov. 1-4.

Richman, the host of Man v. Food: Nation, hosts the battle that will take place at three different unnamed Las Vegas resorts. The competition pits famous chefs, hometown cooks and professional competition teams against each other to find one champion in each food category vying for a $250,000 purse. The final battle will be shot for a TV special.

Food categories include barbecue, chili, burgers, sandwiches, side dishes, a Champions Challenge featuring winners of online recipe contests and a World Chef Challenge open to some of the best chefs in America.

The rules and qualifying process will be announced on April 30, while the casino hosts and competition schedule will be announced May 15. For more info, roll on over to
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