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What Commenters Are Saying about Bonjour Bakery, More

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Mike Dobranski was the editor of Tasting Las Vegas, a food blog where he could vent his frustrations about the dining scene in Vegas and laud the great food found here. Today we introduce Everyone’s a Critic, Dobranski’s take on what commenters are saying about restaurants and food critics.

Here's a little glimpse of what the people of the world said about Las Vegas restaurants and food writers this past week. Everybody's a critic!

In a response to John Curtas' waxing of Bonjour Bakery's palmiers on KSNV's Wake Up With the Wagners, Trudy wrote:

"I am a quality over quantity person.

"Pastries in most bakeries are too big ??Over proofed ??The size turns my stomach ..

"That palmier this morning was the size of your big legal head ?

?"Sorry .. but .. yuk. "

Among a sizable mix of positive and negative comments on the Las Vegas Weekly's "50 Must Eats" list (you know where I stand), was this little snippet from Juan Enrique: "Nothing says "alternative media" like whoring trendy shitholes and flaunting opulence in the face of a city with a 14% unemployment rate and where those who do work, do so for less than 35 hours a week.....on average. ??Way to reach the average Las Vegan!" [LVW]

Inside a review by Yelper Fred M. of Camarillo, Calif., with questionable price comparisons (16-course degustation at Joël Robuchon currently rolls at $425 a head, and that's before drinks. $800 for two ain't gonna happen), was a valid argument about the pacing of the much ballyhooed é by José Andrés: "To be honest, I was disappointed in é by José Andrés. The presentation was really great but not as engaging as it could've been. The chefs could barely be heard and the courses were not really explained in a manner that you felt you could grasp. We had to ask over and over what it was that was being presented. We felt rushed and the courses came too quickly. If we had 4 hours, maybe the experience would have been savored more. Instead it was a jumble and a muddle of tastes and drinks. I really did not feel that the meal was worth half of what we paid mostly because of the timing." [Yelp]

High marks came from True Food Junkie (aren't we all) directed at Le Cirque at the Bellagio. As TFJ recalled on Urbanspoon: "Sometimes you go to a restaurant and the food is phenomenal. Other times, it's the experience that makes it worth it. Well, Le Cirque gave me the best of both worlds. My husband and I had the 3 course meal. I had the lobster with butternut squash and as good as it was, it didn't compare to my husband's sea bass. The food is rich but oh so delicious." [Urbanspoon]

Trolling Douchebaggery of the Week
This week, Cara S. from Phoenix takes the title with her Yelpage of Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill at Caesars Palace. Cara wrote:

I have an image of Bobby Flay through Food Network as a Southwestern chef. Because of this, when a dish says it is spicy - I expect some heat. Everything we ordered that was described as spicy was far from it - good flavors, but no heat.??
I ordered an item I didn't think was described well on the menu - spicy chicken and eggs. It had items in it not included in the description that I do not like. Hubby loved his dish - steak and eggs. We also shared the shrimp tamale appetizer.??
The dishes seemed well executed and looked nice when they arrived at the table.??
The service was impeccable. We were very well taken care of. Great iced tea and selection of biscuits/breads on the table (we were there for brunch).??
Definitely the most we ever spent on breakfast.

Mike, you say, Trolling Douchebaggery of the Week? Really?!? Well sure, "spicy" doesn't have to equate to "mouth-burning," as we usually don't need to dip a typical Spice Cake in bleu cheese dressing before we eat it. And yeah, yeah, yeah...a restaurant shouldn't have to include the recipe of each dish on the menu. But, she's hardly "trolling" and nowhere near the vicinity of "douchebaggery!" In fact, the bulk of the review was tremendously positive; "good flavors," "loved the dish," "well executed," "looked nice," "service was impeccable," "very well taken care of," hardly the words of a typical online troll, Mike!

And I say unto you, "You are correct, dear reader." But then as our eyes adjust to the blinding light of all her praise, I'd like to bring your attention to the rating: two out of five stars. Hello, palm. Meet forehead. [Yelp]
—Mike Dobranski
Bonjour Bakery [Photo: r l/Yelp]

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