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Vince Neil Tells His Side of the Little Buddha Booting

Rocker Vince Neil from Mötley Crüe tells Robin Leach the story behind the Twitter war he had with the Palms that started at Little Buddha and ended with him being banned from the resort.

Neil told his Twitter followers not to go to Little Buddha, where he was told the booths were for parties of four, and he had three in his group.

“They were empty anyway,” he told Leach. “I offered to buy a magnum of champagne, which cost more than what a fourth guest would eat, but the manager refused. We ate at the bar, paid the bill and then while playing at the Mint Lounge were told by security to leave. None of it made sense. Thus, my tweets and then all the other tweets from former Palms employees and customers in support of me.”

Neil flew to Florida and plans to return in time for the grand opening of his new Girls, Girls, Girls strip club on April 13.
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Little Buddha [Photo: the Palms]

Little Buddha

4381 W. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV