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The Very Fun Carlos'n Charlie's Opens April 17

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The entrance to Carlos’n Charlie’s.
The entrance to Carlos’n Charlie’s.
[Photos: Susan Stapleton]

On April 17, the new Carlos’n Charlie’s plans to open at the Flamingo Las Vegas. General manager Genaro Dispa gave Eater Vegas an exclusive look inside the new digs with all their clever decor.

The joint, known for its roving guacamole carts where guests get to learn how to make their own (although Dispa reports that won’t happen initially at the Flamingo; the wooden carts need to be replaced with stainless steel versions), seats about 370 total with room for 200 alone on the patio.

“Our rum and coke itself is the same as everyone else has,” Dispa says, but the difference is the fun guests will have. The staff will be pulling guests up on their chairs, dancing on the bar or following the flow of the music. When the music slows down, so does the staff. When the music is backwards, the staff walks backwards. “Silly things to make you have a memorable moment. We’re always crowded. We like taking care of our family. We know that 90 percent of the people who come go for our atmosphere. We want to surprise you with the food.”

A Caribbean attitude permeates the restaurant. “Here if you’re a man: no shirt, no service. But if you’re a woman: no shirt, no check.”

Dispa, originally from Cancun, says the chefs spent six months alone finding the right local ingredients for the Mexican fare. “We’re using the most honest ingredients — tomatoes, onions, peppers. Fajitas, even if you eat a little too much it’s not full of preservatives,” he says.

Guests who order the guac even get a warranty: “If you don’t like it, we will eat it.”

The resto will offer barbecue dishes as well, something new to the Carlos’n Charlie’s chain.

All of the bartenders come with their own flair. “We know when we are having fun, our customers are having fun.”
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