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Surprise! Another A- Doled Out by the RJ

East Ocean Dim Sum & Seafood Restaurant
East Ocean Dim Sum & Seafood Restaurant
Photo: Judd L./Yelp

In her hokey writing style, Las Vegas Review-Journal food critic Marilyn Hagerty Heidi Knapp Rinella visits East Ocean Dim Sum & Seafood Restaurant in Henderson. She visited on a weekday and had to wait for a table. HKR doesn’t seem to like to make reservations, and she noted that “it’s best to plan ahead.”

“Unlike their sorta-counterparts, the tapas restaurants, dim sum spots in this country tend to stick to a fairly predictable set of dishes, although there's wide latitude for how those dishes are interpreted from one restaurant to the next. East Ocean claims a repertoire of about 60, and while we didn't come close to trying them all, I'd say a collection approaching that number rolled past our table while we were busily scarfing down.”

HKR, who rarely dishes out less than a B grade, gives the food an A-, the atmosphere a B+ and the service an a for an overall A-. “Pluses: Good, fresh, hot dim sum.” Enough said!

Al Mancini, the food critic for CityLife, says Daily Kitchen & Wellness Bar is more inviting than its healthy name suggests. “My ahi tuna tacos ($9.50 for three) each consisted of two perfectly seared slices of tuna in whole-wheat tortillas with micro cilantro, avocado, a slaw of pickled daikon and carrots, and creamy ponzu sauce. The balance of flavors was amazing — and this is coming from a guy who normally despises carrots.” [CityLife]

Vegas Seven food critic Max Jacobson says skip Flavor Flav’s House of Flavor, the new fried chicken joint from the Public Enemy rapper, and check out the Jammin Jerk Hut next door instead. “Erica Strawberry? has killer oxtails, jerk ribs and a terrific tamarind-pineapple punch.” [VS]

Jim Begley from Las Vegas Weekly is confused about what kind of restaurant Wine 5 Cafe is. “I’m not confused about whether or not I like the restaurant—I unequivocally do. Rather, I’m bewildered by exactly what kind of restaurant it is.” He found a combination of American and Kenyan cuisines, although the latter was hidden on the menu. [LVW]

Although food critic John Curtas doesn’t care for the name Layers Bakery Cafe (“What does it mean? Layers? Of what?”), he found some great savory dishes. “Nomenclature aside, the grilled cheese panini was thick and gooey with good cheese, but could’ve used some pickle for contrast, and the chicken pot pie was exemplary in form, but lacking in seasoning.” [ELV]

East Ocean Dim Sum & Seafood Restaurant

9570 S. Eastern Ave., Henderson, NV