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Gordon Ramsay Signs the No Shark Fin Petition

Oh, the ugly side of dining in Vegas. Yes, it’s true that some restaurants here do serve shark fin. The problem? Fisherman catch this delicacy in Asian cuisine by slicing the fin off live sharks and then releasing them back in the water to die a painful death.

Shark fin soup won’t be served at Gordon Ramsay Steak. On Saturday night, CityLife food critic Al Mancini got Gordon Ramsay to sign the No Shark Fin Campaign Pledge from the Humane Society of the United States and the Humane Society International.

Shark finning is a wasteful and irresponsible fishing practice as less than 5 percent of a shark is utilized and impedes shark management, the statement says. It is also ecologically disastrous — massive depletion of sharks upsets the balance of marine ecosystems. Many shark species are facing an imminent threat of extinction. Eliminating demands for shark fins is the most effective way to save sharks.

When Mancini asked Ramsay to sign the statement, Ramsay didn’t hesitate, pulled out a pen and put his name on the petition. Score one for the sharks.
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The signed no shark fin on the menu petition [Photo: Susan Stapleton]

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