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A Look Inside the Sushi Bar You Won't Get In

The 18 seats at Kabuto.
The 18 seats at Kabuto.
[Photos: Chelsea McManus]

You’ll never get in to the 18-seat Kabuto, so don’t even try. You won’t get to belly up to one of the 10 seats at the sushi bar bathed in a simple blonde wood and minimalist decor. You won’t get to savor the fresh fish flown in daily from Tokyo Bay so only the best are served on the revolving menu. You won’t get a chance to shell out only $40 for a nigiri option with its aperitif, an appetizer, 10 pieces of sushi served one-by-one (yes, let one of the two Japanese chefs choose if you do get in), a hand roll and a dessert. You’ll never get the option of doubling the amount of fish with the omakase (chef’s choice) to add sashimi, grilled fish and the house soup for $80. You’ll never get to pinch yourself because you got to experience this gem and the amazing sushi without spending $400 at BarMasa. Heck, you’ll never even find it because it has no sign in front and they never plan to put one up.

So we thought we would taunt you with photos of this remarkable little sushi joint because you will never get to experience it.
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