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The ChowDownTown Heads to Rocky's Bar & Grill

Consider this the right side of Rocky’s. The ChowDownTown is getting ready to book its next pop-up dinner, this time at Rocky’s Bar & Grill. Already the roving dinner has plans to hit The Flame Steakhouse at El Cortez on Wednesday, but this dinner, on Wednesday, May 23, heads away from downtown to the Southeast.

“Our business is called dinefine, meaning you can ‘dine fine anywhere.’ We are hoping to translate that for Rocky's,” says Jolene Mannina, one of the founders for the event. “It's called ‘the right side of Rocky's’ to show that there is a different atmosphere from the bar on the left to the dining room on the right. Rocky's would like to start booking more tastings, food/wine, cater more events out of the right side and have a more steady flow for dinner.”  

The pop-up dinner goes for $65 per person, and includes a wine pairing. Pony up and be one of the 45 on the cool list by reserving a seat at Chef Joshua Clark has a five-course menu planned for the evening. Here’s a look at the menu:

porchetta di testa, guanciale, bacon, onion, sourdough
cous cous, market vegetables, feta, crunchy olive
stuffed squid, clams, soffrito, salsa verde
braised & fried rabbit, enchilada, green chile, pickles
berry crostada, black pepper, lemon
bread provided by Bread & Butter.
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Rocky’s Bar & Grill

8540 S. Maryland Pkwy., Las Vegas, NV