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The Holy Shit Innovation-Inspiration Menu at Guy Savoy

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Save up your pennies and stop shoving them in the slot machines to dine on the new Innovation-Inspiration menu at Restaurant Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace. Why? The 14-course menu mimics Guy Savoy’s 18-course version from his eponymous restaurant in Paris.

For a mere $348, you can get the carnival of breads from a trolley (oh, do the bread pairing, so much more fun), dine on dishes you couldn’t dream up on your own and be satisfied knowing the juice was worth the squeeze.

Savoy gets playful with the Sunny Side Up, a dessert that looks like a poached egg but instead it’s Greek yogurt, black pepper, brioche dipped in egg and mango for the runny egg. He gets divine with the Salmon Iceberg, served up tableside on dry ice. Stunning. The plating alone is worth the price of admission. You’ll want to lick every speck of the smoked sabayon, an egg cracked over white asparagus with caviar. You probably won’t want to eat the prawn caught in a sweet and sour fishnet; you’ll spend too much time trying to figure out how they do that. Cheese trolleys, dessert trolleys and more await.

Pony up another $175 and land a wine pairing to go along with each step of the way. Divine. By the way, everyone at the table has to order this. No sharing. No random other dishes ordered.

$348 per person
Menu served for the entire table
· Amuse Bouche
· “Concassé” of Oysters, Seaweed, Lemon Granité
· Santa Barbara Spot Prawn “Caught” in Sweet and Sour Fishnet
· White Asparagus and Caviar, Smoked Sabayon
· “Marinated-Grilled” Hamachi, Aged Sherry Vinegar, Radish Gelée, Eggplant Purée
· Salmon Iceberg
· Seared Dices of Foie Gras with Horseradish, “Braised-Grilled” Celery Stalk Serpentines, Potato Chips Bouillon
· Lobster Bordelaise, Raw and Cooked Hearts of Palm
· Wagyu, Cannellini Bean Purée, Saffron and Marjoram Crust, Sponge Cake
· Fine Cheeses
· “Sunny Side Up”
· Exotic
· Chocolate
· All Coverage of Restaurant Guy Savoy [~ELV~]
Guy Savoy [Photo: Erik Kabik]

Restaurant Guy Savoy

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