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This Week's Featured Job Listings & More!

And now the latest from Eater Marketplace, our job listings board. Got a job you need to fill? Give it a go. It's cheap and easy. And for that little extra, check out our new "Featured Listings" offering, which is slightly less cheap but just as easy.

Lead Line Cook & Beginner Line Cooks, Back Forty & Back Forty West (NYC)
Managers and Maitre d’hotel, The Dinex Group (NYC)
FOH Opportunities, Blue Hill at Stone barns (Tarrytown NY)
Line Cooks, Altamarea (NYC)
Managers with Experience, Prominent LA Restaurant (LA)
Executive Chef, Prominent LA Restaurant (LA)
Pastry Chef, Saison (SF)
Lead Line Cook, Doma na rohu (NYC)

· Eater Jobs Marketplace [Eater]