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The Eye-Melting Menu at Gordon Ramsay Steak

The bar at Gordon Ramsay Steak.
The bar at Gordon Ramsay Steak.

So you want to see the whole menu from Gordon Ramsay Steak? The shouty chef’s restaurant has only been open for two weeks at Paris Las Vegas, and now the entire menu is available for your viewing pleasure.

British ale onion soup with some Welsh rarebit and Boddington’s Pub Ale, Naccarii caviar, Kurobuta pork belly with a cauliflower puree and candied kumquats from his Bread Street Kitchen and a Sonoma Farms foie gras served on an English muffin with strawberry jam and bacon bits make the menu.

The beef, hand-picked by Pat LaFrieda and dry aged for 28 days, covers bone-in rib eye and the Royal long-bone chop for two as well as American Kobe in skirt, filet and rib cap varieties all flutter by on a specially made cart with dental mirrors that showcase the marbling, rated at 9 or higher on the Kobe.

Signature dishes include Gordon Ramsay’s take on roasted beef Wellington, fish and chips made with loup de mer and truffle chips from his restaurant The Narrow and a beef short rib braised in red wine. Of course, Ramsay has another traditional British dish, colcannon, made with potato cabbage croquettes and red wine braised cabbage. Click on the photos above or keep reading to see the entire menu.

Shellfish Platter
2-3ppl 70 / 75
4-5ppl 135 / 145
tiger prawns, king crab, oysters, clams, lobster, and seasonal shellfish served with:
champagne mignonette, citrus soy sauce, cocktail sauce
Half Dozen Oysters
19 / 20
blue point, delaware
kumumoto, p.c. washington
kusshi, vancouver island
Half Dozen Clams
14 / 15
Half Maine Lobster
23 / 25
Half lb Alaskan King Crab
36 / 38
Shrimp Cocktail 18 / 20
tiger prawns, “flavors” of cocktail sauce, celery, espellete
red onion, egg, chive, crème fraiche, pizzelle
Golden Osetra
275 / 290
190 / 200
Naccarii from Chef Ramsay’s trip in ‘08
90 / 100

Soups /Salads
Asparagus Soup 17 / 18
dungeness crab, parmesan custard, pickled white asparagus, smoked salmon caviar
British Ale Onion Soup 16 / 17
boddington’s Pub Ale, caramelized onion broth, Welsh rarebit
Caesar Salad 16 / 17
parmesan cheese, garlic croutons, scotch egg
Roasted Beets 17 / 18
house made ricotta, emerald crystal lettuce, oyster mushrooms, champagne vinaigrette,
pumpernickel soil
Market Green Salad 15 / 16
butter lettuce, crisp pancetta, market greens, shropshire blue cheese, tomato raisins, green
goddess dressing

Kobe Ragout Cavatelli 19 / 20
american kobe, veal, pancetta, parmesan reggiano
Fried Blue Point Oysters 19 / 20
herb breadcrumbs, crème fraiche tartar sauce
Yellow Fin Tuna 21 / 22
sweet soy sauce, crispy shallots, pickled daikon, miner’s lettuce
Maine Lobster 26 / 28
chorizo stuffed maine lobster, butter poached, brandied lobster cream sauce, sweet corn
American Kobe Beef Sliders 16 / 17
sharp english cheddar, caramelized onions, brioche bun (extra slider 8)
Smoked Beef Tartare 21 / 22
lemon zest, red onion, capers, guinness infused mustard seeds, yukon gold herb chips
Kurobuta Pork Belly 17 / 18
braised swiss chard, candied kumquat, cauliflower puree
Sonoma Farms Foie Gras 24 / 25
pan seared foie gras, harry’s berries strawberry jam, english muffin, bacon bits

Prime Beef
hand selected by Pat LaFrieda, dry aged for 28 days minimum in his himalayan salt room
New York Strip 18oz 61 / 63
Filet 8oz 50 / 52
Bone-in Rib Eye 24oz 54 / 56
Porterhouse for two 32oz 98 / 105
Royal Long-Bone Chop for two 32oz 98 / 105
American Kobe
beef marbling score of 9 or higher
Skirt 8oz 45 / 48
Filet 8oz 75 / 78
Rib Cap 8oz 56 / 58
Recommended Accompaniments to your Steaks
demi-roasted bone marrow 13 / 14
pan seared foie gras 18 / 19
butter poached lobster tail 35 / 38
alaskan king crab legs 38 / 40

Kurobuta Double Pork Chop 44 / 46
Marshall Farms Veal Chop 14oz 48 / 50
Duet of Lamb 46 / 48
shepherd’s pie, lamb chop

Fresh Fish
Wild Pacific Salmon 38 / 40
Loup de Mer (mediterranean sea bass) 42 / 44
Alaskan Halibut 45 / 47
Ahi Tuna 40 / 42

Roasted Beef Wellington
For 1 50 /52
For 2 95 / 98
glazed root vegetables, potato puree, red wine demi glace
Fish and Chips 42 / 44
loup de mer, truffle chips, crème fraiche tarter sauce
Beef Short Rib 38 / 40
red wine braised short rib, potato puree, wild mushrooms
Roasted Chicken Breast 29 / 30
confit leg, apple butter, foie gras wild rice, tikki masala, crispy chicken skin
Fisherman’s Grill 46 / 48
maine lobster, mussels, scallop, seasonal fish, vadouvan curry aioli

Sides 11 / 12
Sautéed Asparagus
morels, white asparagus puree, veal demi-glace
Mac & Cheese
blue, cheddar, parmesan, truffle
sautéed or gratinéed with parmesan cream
Fingerling Potatoes
parmesan, truffle
Potato Puree
yukon gold potato, crème fraiche
Fire Roasted Corn
corn, chile, lime
Mushroom Tart
pearl onion, green beans, mushroom cream
Haricot Verts
citrus butter, tomato jam, Marcona almonds
potato-cabbage croquettes, red wine braised cabbage
Loaded Baked Potato
smoked gouda béchamel,sour cream, bacon, chives

Sauces 5
House Made Steak Sauce
Worcestershire Demi-Glace
Bone Marrow
Café De Paris Butter

Chef de Cuisine – Kevin Hee
General Manager – JP Teresi
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Gordon Ramsay Steak

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