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Go with a Blind Menu; Tiffany Cafe to Get a Boost

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ARTISAN HOTEL — Now you can go blind into your dinner. Starting June 7, Mood Restaurant is offering the Eclipse Dark Dining Experience, a two-hour culinary adventure where patrons enjoy a three-course prixe-fixe “blind” menu. Guests are kept in the dark about the ingredients on the menu so they can focus on tastes, textures and aromas. Four menus are available: Vermelha (meat-centric), Azul (seafood-centric), Verde (veggie-centric) and Branca (chef’s mix). Make a reservation at [EaterWire]

DOWNTOWN — Tiffany's Cafe has been struggling since White Cross Drugs closed earlier this year, suffering a 20 percent loss in customers. The 65-year-old, 24-hour diner gets a boost when White Cross Market, a new grocery store, moves into the space as soon as July. [LVRJ]
Mood Restaurant [Photo: Artisan Hotel]

Mood Restaurant

1501 W Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89102 702-214-4000 Visit Website

Mood Restaurant

501 W. Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV

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