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2 Restaurants Shut Down by SNHD, 1 Comes Close

It hasn’t been a good week for Asian restaurants.

Grand China Restaurant 3 in the Northwest found itself shut down June 20 after the Southern Nevada Health District re-inspected the restaurant at 8450 Farm Road. Inspectors found spoiled food, food at the wrong temperature and more during their inspection. On May 25, SNHD gave the restaurant a C grade with 35 demerits. The health district can shut down a restaurant for repeat violations.

Pho Little Saigon in Chinatown was shut down by the SNHD on June 20 for an imminent health hazard during a re-inspection. The restaurant at 3775 Spring Mountain Road had been shut down on July 19, 2011, and July 17, 2009 with 62 and 55 demerits respectively.

Tokyo Sushi on the Eastside narrowly missed shut down when the SNHD gave the restaurant a C grade with 40 demerits on June 20. The restaurant at 953 E. Sahara Ave. held foods at the wrong temperatures and didn’t protect stored food from contamination among the violations. SNHD shuts down restaurants that earn more than 40 demerits.
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Pho Little Saigon [Photo: U.S. Menu Guide]

Grand China Restaurant 3

8450 Farm Road, Las Vegas, NV