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Adult Ice Cream Dreams Come Alive at Neapolitan

The communal table at Neapolitan.
The communal table at Neapolitan.
[Photos: Susan Stapleton]

The Boulevard Pool at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas just got a little more spirited, and frosty, with the opening of Neapolitan last Thursday. The adult ice cream emporium brings together hand-crafted cocktails with frosty treats in a pink and chocolate bonbon of a storefront.

Inside, find alchol-infused concoctions using liquid nitrogen in the form of shakes, sorbets, smoothies, popsicles and blended frozen drinks. Just watch your waistline.

LN2 Charged Sorbets
The Pink Lady
Belvedere Pink Grapefruit, Housemade Grenadine,
and Pink Grapefruit Juice topped with Cherry Pop Rocks and a Cherry
Black and Tan This
Bass Ale and Guinness Lager, topped with Sea Salted
Caramel Drizzle, Chocolate Shavings and Pretzel Bits
Miss Mossa
Moët Ice Champagne Frozen with Blood Orange Juice
and Candied Tangerines
Snow Bunny
Stoli Raspberry Vodka, Sugar Free Raspberry Syrup,
and Sugar Free Red Bull

Root Beer Float
Brandy Alexander Ice Cream topped with Root Beer
Breakfast of Champions
Crème De Cacao and Crème De Noyeaux topped with
Framboise and Cap’n Crunch - Crunch Berries
The Grass is always Greener
Grasshopper Ice Cream with Van Gogh Dutch Caramel,
Salted Caramel Sauce and Thin Mint Cookies

Pour Some Sugar on Me
Peach & Makers Mark® fueled Popsicle dipped in a Brown Sugar Crumble
The Watermelon Patch
A Watermelon Margarita with Cucumber Segments dipped in Chile Salt
Getting Drunk in the Rain
A Coconut Popsicle spiked with Don Q Coconut Rum and Pineapple Pieces

A Chocolate Makers 46 Spiked Shake with Peanut Butter,
Banana and Walnut Liqueur Swirls topped with Maple Bacon Sprinkles
Smoothie Criminal
A Mango Smoothie with Hangar One Orange Blossom,
Soho Lychee Liqueur, Raspberries and Coconut Ginger Foam
The Neapolitan
A Spiked Chocolate and Strawberry Shake Topped with
Tequila Rose, and Biscotti Liqueur Infused Whipped Cream

TIPSY Toppings
Root Beer Barrels made with Root Liqueur
Salted Caramel Drizzle made with Van Gogh Dutch Vodka
Maple Bacon Sprinkles
Raspberry Coulis made with Aqua Perfecta Framboise
Cherry Cola Glass made with Rouge Cherry Liqueur
and 360 Cola Flavored Vodka
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