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Lotus of Siam Narrowly Escapes SNHD Shut Down

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Another big time restaurant came close to shuttering on June 12. The Southern Nevada Health District paid a visit to Lotus of Siam, which racked up 40 demerits during the routine inspection.

Inspectors found that the staff wasn’t washing their hands, foods weren’t properly cooled or stored at proper temperatures and B or C grade cards weren’t properly displayed among the violations.

Lotus of Siam came close to shut down one other time when inspectors found 40 demerits on June 5, 2008. Since then, the restaurant received a B grade on April 20, 2011, which it upgraded to an A on May 23, 2011. All other investigations since 2002 merited an A grade.

SNHD routinely shuts down restaurants that have more than 40 demerits.
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Lotus of Siam [Photo: Courtesy]

Lotus of Siam

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