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Le Thai 'Absolutely Perfect' for Downtown; More

Heidi Knapp Rinella says tiny Le Thai is a great fit for the Fremont East district Downtown.

It's not that I didn't like the food, but more on that later. It's that I think what's most important about Le Thai is that it's absolutely perfect for downtown Las Vegas. And I mean that in only the best way.

HKR raves about the dessert, a roti served on a “thinnish pancake of sorts, but then it had been spread with Nutella and topped with a slightly sweet omelet. And it was much better than either description or the sum of its parts.”

Most baffling, she gives the food a B, even though she likes everything. She says the pork jerky was “very appealing,” even though the sticky rice “was a little on the dry side.” The three color curry and Thai fried rice also got rave reviews. Apparently she didn’t try the awesome noodles, named such because they are awesome.

She gave the atmosphere an A and the service an A- for an overall A-.

Max Jacobson heads out to Marche Bacchus, where he finds Alex Stratta protege Dave Middleton cooking up Alex-light fare. “Their menu has a spate of new dishes worth the detour, as the French like to say, including duck confit pappardelle, braised short ribs and a classic Lyonnaise salad—things that remind me of food served at the late, lamented Alex in Wynn.” [VS]

Al Mancini goes to Shabu Grill, where the biggest problem he had with his meal was the frozen meats used in the shabu-shabu. “Obviously, that raises a freshness issue. It also made it extremely hard to peel the frozen shrimp and dumplings apart from each other, or from their dishes. And it was difficult to determine how long to leave those frozen dumplings in the percolating liquids.” [CL]

Jim Begley discovers a service station with “a good deal on tires and some damn fine parking lot food.” Coco Frios #2 serves up cold coconuts and ceviches. “It’s an acquired taste, but you’re already eating ceviche in a parking lot. Why stop there?” [LVW]
Le Thai [Photo: Susan Stapleton]

Le Thai

523 Fremont St., Las Vegas, NV 702-778-0888

Le Thai

523 Fremont St., Las Vegas, NV