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The Bourdains' Bad Steak Wasn't at Carnevino; a Feud Ensues with John Curtas

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Photo: Palazzo

One thing’s for sure. Ottavia and Anthony Bourdain didn’t stay at the Venetian and didn’t eat at Carnevino at the Palazzo two weeks ago. Ottavia wrote about the worst steak she ever ate, right here in Vegas.

Now John Curtas did his own “sleuthing” and posted that the Bourdains ate at Carnevino at the Palazzo. So wrong. But that's not where the bad steak was at.

Anthony Bourdain and Curtas have been going at it on Twitter.

“@eatinglasvegas erroneous, sloppy and stupid is no way to go through life, son,” Bourdain tweets.

“Dear John Curtass of Eating Las Vegas. Your entire, idiotic column is based on a false premise: we did not stay at the Venetian/Palazzo,” tweets Bourdain.

“@eatinglasvegas dear fuck-nuts. worth reporting that your entire premise is based on lazy, erroneous assumption. Never stayed at Venetian.”

“@eatinglasvegas Cracking good reportage there, dipshit. Wrong hotel. #grassyknoll #hack”

UPDATE: At 2:41 PDT Bourdain tweeted: "Eater Vegas. We DID eat at Carnevino. enjoyed it. A lot. Does anybody check timeline or pick up a phone before "reporting" anymore?"

Curtas fired back with “@Bourdain all class as usual...” and “@Bourdain so quit hiding behind a skirt and tell us where you did eat....?”

To recap, the couple was in Vegas for the Chael Sonnen/Anderson Silva UFC middleweight championship at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. On Friday, they, “head downstairs to the celebrity-chef-branded hotel steakhouse for a quick dinner.

The steak arrives and it has no char. It looks boiled. I cut into it and it’s hard, and gray inside; it’s well done. It also tastes like cheap supermarket meat that was quickly defrosted under hot water in the kitchen sink. And it smells — not dry-aged funk, but some disturbing livery odor. Now, this is a reputable steakhouse, with a famous and respected name on the door, but it was the worst steak I’ve ever had in my life, an abomination. We eat our steaks unhappily, tell the server to charge our room, and slink away, miserable.

Several Eater Vegas readers have sent in sightings based on a friend of a friend saying they spotted the couple that night. But no one has come forward with more than that. Each of the guesses are consistently the same steakhouse with a celeb chef name on the front door. So keep those tips coming in, and we’ll name names when we’re confident the source is good.
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