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It's HUGE: Krave Massive Aims to Become the Largest Gay Nightclub in the World

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The entrance to Krave Massive
The entrance to Krave Massive
[Photos: Susan Stapleton; Renderings: Krave Massive]

Two months ago, Eater Vegas reported that Krave would be ending its lease at the Miracle Mile Shops and moving downtown. This morning, that came true when the largest gay nightclub in Nevada announced it was relocating to the former Galaxy 11 multiplex at Neonopolis.

Called Krave Massive, the club dubs itself the largest gay nightclub in the world, taking up 101,000 square feet. Five themed dance rooms — covering house, top 40, hip-hop, country and Latin music — will be created inside. A martini lounge, a members-only VIP lounge called Indulge Private Lounge, Tickled Pink comedy club, a performing arts theater, an LGBT movie theater, a retail store and a lesbians-only dance lounge are among the proposed venues within the club. There’s even talk of a 20,000-square-foot pool being built in front of the club, complete with cabanas.

Owner Kelly Murphy says the club will ideally open by the end of November or early December, with sections of the nightclub opening as they become available. Krave at the Miracle Mile Shops will close when the new club is opened, or even two weeks beforehand, Murphy says.

“My clientele, they’re very location driven,” Murphy says of the move to Downtown Las Vegas. “I don't have to be on the Strip to get that kind of clientele.”

The original Krave could be considered a pioneer on the LGBT front, opening the first gay nightclub on the Strip in 2004. The club draws 4,500 guests weekly. Drink and Drag Lounge, the bowling alley and nightclub staffed by 24 drag queens at Neonopolis and also owned by Murphy, brings in about 4,000 a week. Murphy estimates about 12,000 customers a week coming to Krave Massive.

Murphy also gave some recon on his new Boys, a Social Lounge, a hipster lounge he plans to build in the Fruit Loop at 4640 Paradise Road inside the former Desires Ultra Lounge. He says it will have a hipster feel with hardwood floors and artwork from Tim Burton. It will also be a nonsmoking venue with shuttle buses to Krave Massive.

When complete, Krave Massive will employ 268, with an additional 62 entertainers and deejays.
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