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Oculus Gets a Little Makeover at the Venetian

Oculus, the bar on the casino floor at the Venetian, is in the midst of a renovation.

Right now, the space sits shrouded in plywood so guests can’t see the renovations within. But then, so much of the Venetian is draped in curtains with renovations happening left and right that it would be hard to pick it out if it weren’t for the signs on the plywood. Security even stands around the space to help guests find their way around the property.

The Oculus concept will remain the same, just a beautified version of it and its instant access to video poker.

By definition, an oculus is a circular window, or "rain-hole" and a common feature of Classical architecture since the 16th century.

Look for it to reopen next month.
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That’s Oculus to the left. [Photo: Susan Stapleton]


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