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Vegas' First Japanese Curry Joint Just a Kick Start Away

Looks like Vegas is about to land its first Japanese curry joint. Kaba Curry plans to open in September on Charleston Boulevard, bringing curry with rice, udon and pan, a first for the city.

Anthony Nicholson from Southern California, Maki Mikami from Northern Japan and TNES from Oahu, Hawaii, are working together to launch the space, using Kickstarter to raise $4,000 to get the restaurant opened. So far, $375 has been raised.

The trio says they have been trying to land a food truck or a trailer for the past four months to no avail, but now they have a small space complete with a kitchen. They’re raising money on Kickstarter for a logo, takeout utensils and supplies, a printer, a cash register and a custom vinyl wrapping. Donators can get stickers, buttons, exclusive T-shirts and a “buttload of freeeee food!”

Kaba, for the curious, means hippo in Japanese.
· Kaba Curry on Kickstarter []
· Kaba Curry [Official website]
Kaba Curry [Photo: Official website]

Kaba Curry

6475 W. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas, NV