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HKR Gives Mac Shack the Same Grade as Gordon Ramsay

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The quickest way to describe Heidi Knapp Rinella’s review of Mac Shack is to say that she gave the fast food pasta joint the same grade as Gordon Ramsay Steak last week.

“Mac Shack doesn't offer a transcendent culinary experience, but if you're looking for something good, quick and not terribly expensive — and if you don't have an aversion to carbs — they're all over it like white on pasta.” In other words, suss it out for yourself.

She gives the food at Mac Shack a B+ and the atmosphere and service an A- for an overall A-. By comparison, she gave Gordon Ramsay Steak an A for the food and atmosphere and a B for service for an overall A-.

Now back to serious food critics. Al Mancini at CityLife heads over to the new Bobby Q Grille, a food truck that opened a bricks-and-mortar location inside Spectator’s Lounge. Mancini stopped by the modern Southern food joint three times in the past month to find impressive shrimp and grits, Southern deviled eggs and strawberry Jell-O cake dessert served in a mason jar on his first visit and disarray with the menu on the second. On his final visit, he likes the “flat-top burger drowned in butter and topped with onions, cheese, mushrooms and hot sauce? as well as a large piece of lightly fried catfish. But neither compared to the outstanding cornbread, served in a cast-iron skillet.” [CL]

When Max Jacobson at Vegas Seven wants to find a good Chinese restaurant, he asks a Chinese friend. That led him to Hong Kong Garden, where he says, “[The] Peking duck with steamed buns, plum sauce and scallions, served in two courses for $25, is the best in the city. The buns, filled with skin, sauce and scallions, come first. A platter of already sliced meat follows, enough to feed a family of four.” [VS]
Mac Shack [Photo: Courtesy]

Mac Shack

8680 Warm Springs Rd., Las Vegas, NV