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Updated: Food Trucks vs. Restaurants Goes to City Council Today

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The proposed food truck buffer zone.
The proposed food truck buffer zone.
Photo: Las Vegas Sun

Food truck operators plan to fight back against a proposed 300-foot buffer between where they can park in Las Vegas and bricks-and-mortar restaurants. Colin Fukunaga, co-owner of Fukuburger, and Jolene Mannina, who used to run Sloppi Jo’s Roving Eatery and now rustles up the Saturday Night Truck Stop at Tommy Rocker’s, are gathering up their food truck friends to march over to City Hall this morning.

A parade of food trucks are gathering at Ice House Lounge to head over to City Hall, where the Las Vegas City Council is expected for vote on a measure to restrict the distance between food trucks and restaurants.

Food truck vendors are arguing the proposed restrictions are unconstitutional. The Institute for Justice has been helping food trucks mount a defense. They say, “?many brick-and-mortar restaurants want to use the legislative process to stifle food trucks and protect themselves from competition. Some cities have passed so-called ‘proximity restrictions’ — laws that prohibit trucks from operating within a certain distance of restaurants. This is an unconstitutional use of government power.”

Mayor Carolyn Goodman proposed a 150-foot buffer. Restaurant operators want an 800-foot buffer. Instead, two of the recommending members of the committee — Ricki Barlow and Stavros Anthony, voted for 300 feet while Bob Coffin wanted 800 feet.

If a buffer zone is approved today, the policy would be reviewed in 12 months.

UPDATE: The City Council moved this item to the Sept. 15 meeting.
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Ice House Lounge

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