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What Are Las Vegas’ Best Cheap Eats?

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It's Friday and it's time to hear from the crowd. Starting now, we'll start regular open threads to try to answer some burning reader questions. Have something you want discussed by the fine readers of Eater? Send it this way.

Ellis%20Island%20Restaurant_500%208-17-12.jpgEllis Island Restaurants [Photo: Mark Payne/TripAdvisor]

Last week, Eater Vegas readers shared their must-try restaurants in Henderson. Now Eater wants to hear about your favorite, bang-for-your-buck cheap eats around the city. Of course, these can be sandwiches, slices and burgers, but we're especially interested in things that you eat with a knife and fork (or chopsticks). Bonus points for dishes under $10.

Drop your recommendations for restaurants and the cheap dishes in the comments or send them to the tipline, and check back next week for a map of Las Vegas’ best cheap eats as determined by Eater readers.
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