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Swingers Club Now Called The Drink at the Plaza

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Alas, Swingers Club is no more at the Plaza. It seems owner and hypnotist Anthony Cools got tired of people standing in the windows to look in without coming in to the bar. See, people thought the place was a real live swingers club despite massive windows looking in on the golf-themed bar, a miniature golf course and Caddyshack images on the walls.

"A person is smart. People are stupid," Cools says.

Now it will be known as The Drink, a move to simplify things.

Already the miniature golf course is gone. New white couches, a brick wall and brown paint give the spot a mini makeover.

Cools says that every hour at the top of the hour he’ll offer 25 cent shots, dubbed Sociables for the saying he uses in his show at Paris Las Vegas. “No one drinks until the bell and it’s one simultaneous shot.”

Deejays such as Charlie Darker, Chuck Fader and Silent John from the San Francisco scene man the decks. Gone are the dualing pianos.

Cools just owns the joint, leaving management to Mark Parker, a fellow Calgary native. “I just want to be the alcoholic they tip over once in a while,” says Cools, who participates in the weekly flip cup tournament there.
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The Drink

1 S. Main St., Las Vegas, NV