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Is Tetsu's Menu as Expensive as Shaboo's?

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Tetsu menus [Photos: Tetsu by Susan Stapleton; menus via Aria Facebook page]

One of the burning questions about Tetsu, Masa Takayama’s new teppan grill inside BarMasa that opened on Wednesday at Aria, was whether the prices would be as sky high as at Shaboo, the restaurant it replaced.

Shaboo’s nine-course menu was one of the priciest not just in Las Vegas, but the United States. When it opened, the hot pot menu guests cooked themselves went for $500 a person, making it what Ryan Sutton at Bloomberg called “probably the U.S.’s most expensive restaurant,” back in 2010.

Now the opening night menu from Tetsu has come out.

The appetizers, ceviche, sushi and sashimi menu will remain pretty consistent, changing seasonally. On it, find oyster with tomatillo ceviche, spicy shrimp mango cocktail and lobster ceviche all for $12.

Sushi and sashimi goes for one or three pieces, the most expensive being the Toro fatty tuna for $32 for three pieces. Three pieces of Uni go for $25, the second most expensive item on the sushi menu.

Kampachi jalapeño goes for $14, steak tartar for $32 and Toro caviar for $60.

The opening night menu, which will change daily, included a seafood tasting, entrees, teppan vegetables and fillings.

Here’s a look at the opening night menu:
Seafood Tasting with salsa verde and salsa roja
Jalapeño Calamari $9
Spicy Octopus $9
Santa Barbara Shrimp $16/piece
Rock Oyster $12/piece
Scallop $14/piece

Tetsu Entree with spicy cilantro verde and chile soy sauce
Filet Mignon Australian Wagyu $12/oz
Rib-Eye Australian Wagyu $11/oz
Duck Breast Pennsylvania $32
Hibachi Chicken $22
Lobster $55 whole
Scottish Salmon $28/6 oz
Mediterranean Turbo with kale $38/8 oz

Teppan Vegetables
Eggplant $3
Shiitake $6
Asparagus $5
Zucchini $3
Button Mushroom $3
Green Onion $3
Spinach $3
Baby Pepper $4
Shallots $3
Kale $3
Sweet Corn $3
Tortilla $3

Wagyu Garlic Fried Rice $14
Vegetable Fried Rice $9
Wagyu Yakisoba $14
Vegetable Yakisoba $9
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